After nearly two years of complete quiescence it is time to get out moving again. The Coronavirus Pandemic put organised Pilgrimage on hold, but there is much to write about, and explore.

The millennial pilgrimages were cancelled for 2020, and have now been reorganised for April 2022 and May 2022- see the Cathedral website for details.

A fortnight ago I took the path from Mildenhall to Ely, to check the route again. Coming out of Mildenhall seemed more complicated than before as a bit of the river by Gravel Gardens has been blocked, and it is necessary to leave the river briefly down Gravel Drove.

start of Gravel Drove from Ely end

The other change was the bridge across the Great Ouse has a warning sign! It is looking rather faded, but still very welcome as you enter Ely.

I am looking forward to April! The walk 4/5 April will be followed by a “Pilgrimage Day”, arranged as an Abbey 1000 event, where different aspects of pilgrimage to Bury St Edmunds past, present and future will be discussed.

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