Thoughts, dreams, and visions

I am aware that my thinking is altered through walking. The rythmn and the exercise allow thoughts to tumble out. On an expedition such as this journey to Santiago there is lots of sensory input of new sights, sounds, smells, tastes. Inhibition is loosened, sensation heightened. I have also noticed dreams are more action-packed- as if the traffic in the brain has speeded up. It is hardly surprising this feels therapeutic. Not all my dreams have been pleasant or easy, as if old memories suppressed are dredged up and processed.

Thinking could be further affected by the pilgrim’s health: Margery Kempe had fourteen children and was likely to be malnourished. She practiced fasting regularly. I wonder if this explains her emotional lability and easy tendency to cry? It would be easy to imagine  visual hallucination following on from this state, moving beyond the rational or tangible world into a waking dream, or vision, with supernatural or divine explanation. 354D0A27-1F92-4D85-907A-906ADB5E1FF39A4387C5-0A1A-4A9F-A3CC-612AC0037A7776C96C75-DBEF-4805-B87C-503926EE20A0B90B6833-C4B2-4315-8A56-F4F4D81F67C1

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