Oviedo Cathedral

We visited Orviedo Cathedral on our first day along the Camino Primitivo. I was really impressed by this building- even though it was built and revised over several centuries it seemed very coherent- the size, shape, light, design all held an integrity and beauty. The three rose windows were stunning. It reminded me of the Art School designed by Mackintosh in Glasgow- the same absolute conviction in design down to the smallest detail.

Walking out into the countryside the patterns of arches, etc could be seen in the hills, trees and many wild flowers. The building reflected this and celebrated it: a truly great work of art. ACE77A4C-257A-4B60-BAF2-E0B61DA2BBD9F5019FC6-DB05-4440-9B27-1CB7EE20767FBD1D4060-81DB-4DDA-942D-ECCC97CDF3FA

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