The Pilgrim’s Progress


A favourite book of all time for me is The Pilgrim’s Progress. It is easy to read as not too long and the characters are obvious: Help, Faithful and so on. The English countryside, weather and walking are used as metaphor between the material and spiritual.


If Bunyan had been given access to the internet he would have certainly used it- yet he was writing for himself: “I did not think to show the world my pen and ink in such a mode; I only thought to make I knew not what; not did I undertake thereby to please my neighbour: no, not I; I did it my own self to gratify.”


The following is a list of expressions taken from this book:

dark clouds; dark and cloudy words;

Truth’s golden beams

Carrying a heavy burden

I walked through the wilderness

Walking in the sight of God

Slough of Despond

sound ground

forbidden paths

knocking at the gate; an open door

the straight and narrow way

The Hill Difficulty

The Way of Danger, Way of Destruction

Valley of Humiliation/Humility

Leaves of the Tree of Life

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Clouds of Confusion

Pits, pit-holes, deep holes

The heavenly country

These expressions draw on the countryside, weather, walking, and the heavy burden to carry.  Less is surely more for a pilgrim as far as carrying material possession is concerned. How was this managed? Carrying very little, I imagine, unless you were rich enough to get others to carry your burden for you. The tragedy for Bunyan was this work of art was written in prison; his burden was not a material one and he he must have yearned for country views

Sundridge in April

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