Potential primary sources of evidence

Written records

Pilgrim literature: Marjery Kempe; Sir Richard Guilford; pilgrim manual e.g William Wey “An English Pilgrim to Compostela” 1456

Records of visits to BSE: e.g. King Henry VI 1433

nb Literacy rates? Excluded groups, such as women

Commissioners’ reports during reformation


Records from takings at the Abbey?

Pilgrim badges and materials

Numbers of pilgrim badges  Finds from British museum; Moyse Hall, Bury St Edmunds

Death rates?

Mortality rates from plague- devotion increased during crisis or calamity, but might have been instrumental in carrying disease, or reduced numbers due to illness and death?

Indirect evidence

Ronald C Finacune post-humous accounts of miracles




Wall painting/churches

Personal walking experience; creative experience




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