Aramaic chant

IMG_1990I was sent this by my friend Genista:

Aramaic chant

In 2007 I visited my brother in Syria. We were lucky enough to go on an expedition north from Damascus to various sites- there was so much stuff to see and the countryside in April was full of wild flowers.
I was quite obsessed with The Veil at the time, and its many meanings. I worked on a sketchbook using layers, veils, things hidden; an inner life.  Looking at this now I could pick up these threads in Christian pilgrimage: layers of history, things hidden, forgotten or destroyed
Coming back to Damascus we visited Maaloula set in cliffs where the caves have provided refuge in times of trouble. Aramaic is still spoken and there was a convent and a church. I bought some Sumaç and an Aramaic cross.
The monastery has since been destroyed in a battle between Assad and rebels. I can only hope the caves provided some refuge- as they had before

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